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Axonator Workflows allows non-programmers to build powerful mobile workflows with drag and drop. No coding required.

Workflow Software


The Mobile-First Workflow Software

Axonator takes a mobile-first approach to the automation of workflows in the fields and offices. There is no doubt that automating business workflows can drastically reduce the communication overheads and the cost associated with lost opportunities. Your customer service quality directly depends on the quality and speed of your internal processes. Axonator is a workflow software that precisely helps you do that.

Employee Onboarding

Using a workflow software makes new employee onboarding easy. When new staff members are added significant resources are spent on making sure they follow the process. However, using workflow software, the onboarding happens automatically with minimal training. You save the training cost and the cost associated with training mistakes.

Your business is unique

Your business is unique in many ways - keep it that way. In order to automate your business, you need unique mobile apps. Axonator allows you to build apps that are perfectly suited to your unique business. You can preserve your competitive advantage by designing apps for yourselves instead of retrofitting your business to a ready-made app that assumes all businesses work the same way.

Here are a couple of possibilities translated into reality through Axonator workflow software:

Tasks are assigned to the right person automatically without any intervention.Automatic ticket-generation based on the specific responses of the form.Certain actions triggered based on the choice selected in the mobile form.Approvals are directed to the concerned authority automatically through notification when forms are submitted.

Reports are generated upon submission of record, creating reports manually no more required.Even more, reports can automatically be sent to stakeholders like customers, higher authority, teams by emails.All of this and a lot more can be possible with Axonator workflow software application!

Best workflow software application

All of this and a lot more can be possible with Axonator workflow software application!

There’s no catch here - it doesn’t even take much time to create workflows.It’s as easy as pie.

Just drag and drop - create a flow, and you are good to go.

The Best Workflow Software for your business

  • Automates data capture
  • Automate business steps
  • Integrates with your systems
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Best workflow software

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