Work Order Management App For Efficient Functioning

Create and execute an effective system of managing workflows through the work order management app. Expedite work orders for tasks like preventive maintenance, emergency repairs and well-organized task allocations.

Work Order App - Axonator

Work Order Management On The Go

A highly flexible and customizable work order management app that showcases multiple functionalities like pre-prepared online request forms, checklists, instantaneous notifications and automated reporting for a highly successful workforce.

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Assign Responsibility Immediately

If you notice any problem areas during preventive maintenance, you can at once create a task and assign the responsibility for its execution to an employee or the concerned vendor.

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Approve Assigned Tasks

Once a service request has been raised, the supervisor/manager will immediately receive a notification to approve it. Subsequently, the assignee will receive a notification to complete the task.

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Ticket Management System

Axonator work order management app automatically create a ticket for the service request raised as per the urgency, location and various other specified parameters. All tickets are visible in the ticket management system.

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Effective Monitoring Through Greater Visibility

Increase the productivity of auditors with an easy to use intuitive mobile audit app with a low learning curve.

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Intuitive Interface For Greater Efficiency

Enjoy the intuitive app interface for easily managing tickets and view the details of new and old tickets easily. Reschedule and reassign service requests with least effort.

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Access Information Easily

The app is configured as per your specific business needs. It also provides access to highly structured and informative reports for projecting trends and making critical decisions.

Preventive Maintenance Made Easy

You can easily view all the planned preventive maintenance work orders on a calendar for greater visibility and control. Vital information is easily classified based on the status of the work, severity of the reported issue and quality of work executed. Instant notifications are submitted on the planned maintenance tasks and to whom they are allotted.

Work Order Application Task Management

Amalgamation of Different Platforms For Greater Collaboration

Structured Business Processes For Better Execution

Our app provides easy access and visibility regarding pending, completed, new and rejected tasks. This enables highly structured task execution with enhanced tracking and communication capabilities. Speedy and targeted completion of service requests is also ensured.

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Create Customized Workflows

Speed up task execution by automatically assigning the approved service request to the relevant worker and track the assigned tasks for better monitoring and visibility. App Workflow can be configured as per the tasks for successful completion.

Set-Up Recurring Work Orders

Easily Accessible Work Orders

Different types of work orders can be easily classified and filtered as per the assigned worker, task location, asset type, task priority and severity of the service request.

ITSM Software Intelligent Workflows

Self-Explanatory Dashboard For A Deeper Perspective

An informative dashboard helps you in keeping track of the scheduled work orders and on-going tasks. Enjoy a bird’s eye view of entire workflows that may be disturbed widely across time and space.

Generate Customized Reports As Per Specific Requirements

Real-Time Reporting For Instant Updates

Generate instant PDF reports of work orders that are immediately emailed to the concerned employees and clients. The generated reports are stored in a secure cloud for easy accessibility. Real-time reporting capabilities augment the functionality of our work order management app.

Real-Time Reporting - Work Order App
Work Order Management App For Remodeling Business Processes

Work Order Management App For Remodeling Business Processes

Digital Transformation Simplified With Work Order Management App

Harness the power of Axonator mobile apps for achieving a seamless digital transformation of your business processes.

Tangible Benefits For Assured Positive Outcomes

Axonator work order management app is designed for a holistic 360 degree overhaul of your business processes for generating positive and tangible benefits.

Work Order App - information tracking

Track Complex Information

Easily track complex information regarding automated calculations for material usage and labor charges.

Work Order Scheduling

Schedule work orders efficiently for improving workflows related to different service requests.

Save Precious Resources

Generate considerable savings in the amount of resources consumed for completing various tasks.

Learn Axonator Mobile form builder

Learn How Axonator Can Help You to Create an App

Our team will demonstrate how to create an app and use advanced features of Axonator.

Learn Axonator Mobile form builder

Learn How Axonator Can Help You to Create an App

Our team will demonstrate how to create an app and use advanced features of Axonator.