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Data Collection

With Axonator, build mobile forms and apps that allow you to collect rich data easily on mobiles. Store the data on cloud easily. Generate reports and send those to teams in no time.

Axonator, capture data even when there is no internet connectivity. You can collect data even when offline, and auto sync feature triggers as soon as the internet connection is available, and sends the data to your drive with no efforts.

Safety Audits

Review teams on the field to improve procedures & assure task completion.

  • Replace paper forms with smartphones & tablets.
  • Automate approvals, assignment of tasks, calculation, scoring, etc.
  • Display compliance regulations & recommended process for specific scenarios.
  • Build workflows that can trigger follow-up actions & notify concerned users.

Incident Reports

Now, standardized incident reporting can help your enterprise to manage health & safety violations easily.

  • Reports are sent automatically to concerned stakeholders.
  • Create remediation process for every violation after completing the inspection.
  • Analyze faster by viewing data on the intelligent dashboard.
  • Identify trends and adhere better to norms for better compliance.

Real-Time Reporting

  • Real-time data collection enables you to map the incident with exact location and time. Understand how the incident occurred.
  • Capture images & other evidence through apps. Describe them better with annotation.
  • Create workflows that can send the approvals automatically after task completion.

Document Incidents

  • Offer different standards of reporting along with form-embedded reference info.
  • Now, autofill fields from timestamps, data models, & GPS location.
  • Easily create a centralized interface to track each stage - right from the forms to follow-ups.

Schedule, Assign & Approve

With Axonator, build a mobile app that helps the teams to collect & store the data. Create a workflow that allows them to schedule tasks, and send automatically for approval. Axonator even allows auto-assignment of tasks based on the inputs. What it means for managers is that there will be way lesser bottlenecks and faster decision-making.

Reminders for inspections and fieldwork can be set for future dates that send out the notification to important people. No more delays & missing out on important crucial tasks.


Do you have any legacy system or other platforms? With Axonator, you can build a mobile app that can easily integrate with any of your existing systems like CRM, Google Drive, Salesforce, SAP, Maximo, PeopleSoft, back-office system, etc. Now you can send the data directly to these systems. Data flow into or from any of these platforms is very easy with Axonator.

The integration feature means saving a lot of efforts and time for your business. You don’t have to manually feed the data into other systems. You can integrate different platforms to create synergy.

Site Visits

Add locations to your data for authentication. Track the teams better location-wise.

  • Now automate with time stamp information, GPS location, and log-in.
  • Better compliance by adhering to norms & regulations.
  • Capture signature of teams and customers on digital forms.
  • Collect data offline - no internet required for collecting data.


Build workflows using Axonator that can automate your approval & task-assignment process. Even trigger specific actions.

  • Now action can be triggered based on specific responses.
  • E-mails & notifications can be sent automatically as soon as the data collection is completed.
  • Follow-up tasks can be triggered based on specific responses.
  • Status monitoring & task execution becomes easy with workflow automation.

Roles & Permissions

Build workflows using Axonator that can automate your approval & task-assignment process. Even trigger specific actions.

  • Assign tasks faster & manage them better by creating user roles & groups.
  • Create specific tasks for specific users, departments, etc.
  • Control the access to information and other rights by setting rights & permissions.
  • Re-assign tasks again to assure task completion without missing a deadline.

Mobile & Offline

Build workflows using Axonator that can automate your approval & task-assignment process. Even trigger specific actions.

  • Axonator is multi-device & multi-platform compatible: Android, iOS, Tab, Smartphone, etc.
  • Collecting data is now possible even offline.
  • Whenever the internet is restored, data get sync automatically and data get stored.
  • Get real-time access to data and monitor the tasks on the field.

Asset Inspections

Now a simple mobile form app for inspecting objects, facilities equipment, etc. Identify issues faster & fix them quicker.

  • You can integrate with existing platforms and autofill forms.
  • Forms can change depending on your location, user type, and task that you are doing.
  • Capture images. Annotate them with notes.
  • Embed reference information for better understanding.

Process Audits

Taking corrective & preventive action is made easy with Axonator. Check if safety, process, and operation standards are being followed.

  • Conduct audit in offline mode even without internet in remote areas.
  • Add genuineness by time & date stamps, user login, and location (GPS).
  • Identify locations according to performance on maps.
  • Create tasks with deadlines & priority levels.

Local and Global Audits

  • Employ mobile auditing with Axonator right from the supplier to the factory floor.
  • Make auditing more meaningful with GPS location, timestamps, & embedded reference data. Set due dates, reminders, make checklists, etc. for auditors.
  • You can now autofill parts of the supplier audit forms by automation.

Performance and Trend Analysis

  • Eliminate intuition-based decisions. Now make decisions based on the data through intelligent analytics.
  • Quality & compliance can be improved now by learning through Axonator’s powerful analytics dashboard.
  • Track your supply chain right from the start to the end. Take corrective actions at the right time without any delays.

Robust APIs & Integration

  • Communicating with third-party systems is easy because Axonator can interact & integrate with any of your platforms.
  • The intelligent dashboard can identify trends and help you measure by analyzing the data collected.
  • Show compliance with more than an easy system of record using cloud-based data that gives you control of the processes.


Make your inspection & audit processes faster with automation to trash paper-based processes.

  • Mobile forms have the dynamic capability that can change depending upon your location, user type, and the task that you are completing.
  • You can respond faster to issues with email alerts that you receive automatically.
  • When the task is completed, follow-ups can be triggered to gather more information.
  • Workflows can be automated as soon as the form is submitted.


You can now fetch reports of your daily operations & watch decisions translate into actions.

  • Reports through different visualization can give insights on what’s going right and what’s not in your processes.
  • Click & drag to drill down into datasets & individual inspections.
  • Analyze data with different filters like the type of facility, vendor, region, etc.
  • Check the performance of teams and vendor quality by using different metrics on dashboard analytics.

Risk Management

Now, managing the status, deadlines, and tracking the progress of every task created by an incident report is simple.

  • Build different audit forms for the property, vehicle, employee and equipment with different criteria that you can customize - so that regulations can be met.
  • Whenever there are violations, notifications are automatically sent.
  • Remediation steps can be generated for every violation after the inspection.
  • OSHA compliance can be adhered to with the help of checklists, inspections, and self-audits.


With Axonator, capture data and store it to your drive. Generate reports and create graphs. Axonator Analytics is a powerful capability that can change the dynamics of your business. You can now use various metrics to analyze the performance of your team. Track the performance location-wise on the maps. Take corrective actions & preventive actions (CAPA) & invest time in strategic decision-making & better revenue opportunities

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