Axonator Reporting and Dashboards

Build custom reports and dashboards using drag and drop. Identify operational issues before they occur and say goodbye to manual reporting.

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Build Custom Reports & Dashboards Using Drag and Drop

Creating customized reports and dashboards is a cakewalk by using the Axonator platform by using the drag and drop feature. Create reports with your own branding and company logo, in any format Like PDF, word or excel, with neatly arranged tables and other critical info you choose to represent. Visualize insights better using customized dashboards that can be updated real-time. Recognize the underlying patterns and trends in the data by enhanced understanding.

Delight Your Customers with Beautiful and Professional Reports

Impress your clients and higher management with great looking reports with highly structured and collated information. Create reports as per your exact specifications and convey valuable information professionally for greater impact.

Custom Branded Reports

Create reports that include your company logo and branding. Reports that fulfill your desired objectives and convey your professional approach. 

Include Staff & Customer Signatures

You can include any field or info that is necessary for your reporting needs. Include signatures of your employees or customers in your reports for authenticity and approval.

Include Geolocation Stamp

Specifically meant for monitoring the reports sent by your field staff, you can include geolocation stamps that indicate the location from which the report has been submitted for authenticity and accuracy. 

Include Pictures with Annotations

Increase the value of your reports by using image the annotation feature for better incident reporting. Make reports that help in analyzing root causes of any incident and convey information better through powerful reporting.

Get Visual Insights into Critical Operations in One Place

Create customized dashboards that let you visualize data better through attractive charts and graphs. You can even represent collected data as maps and create interactive elements that help in better understanding of the presented info. 

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Multiple Chart Types

You can create various types of charts like pie charts, bar graphs, histograms and much more to represent data better for enhanced understanding and presentation.

Show Data on Maps

Data can be represented on maps to visualize the spatial distribution of the selected data attributes. For example, data about spread of infection in a particular area can be represented as infection clusters depicted on a map.

View Real Time Updates

Create dynamic dashboards that get updated as soon as fresh data is submitted in real-time to analyze the emerging scenarios for effective monitoring and tracking. 

Automatic Performance Alerts

Dashboards can be created to display automatic performance alerts as soon as a pre-decided threshold is breached.

Why Choose Axonator Report & Dashboard Builder over Competitors?

Axonator Reporting & Dashboard is a part of Axonator MARS platform

Axonator is the world’s first zero-code app assembly platform engineered from scratch with special focus on mobile apps. With the Axonator app assembly platform, mobile and web apps are created by assembling existing forms, widgets and other components using a drag and drop interface. Axonator provides prefabricated components like forms, workflow engine, report builder and dashboard elements. Which means apps can be built within days and deployed in weeks instead of months like traditional development methods.


Axonator provides pre-built solutions for several industries and use cases. One of the biggest benefits of our solutions is the ability to quickly customize the apps to suit your business process. We believe that every business is different so they need specially tailored apps. We don’t believe in one size fits all. In our experience it doesn’t work well for most companies. 

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