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Easily Build Powerful, Customized Microapps using Low Code Platform Axonator
What is No-code Platforms?
No-code platforms are very useful for developing apps rapidly and for deploying existing business applications as mobile apps. It helps developers create apps through visual methods, such as dragging components or by adding features. Because no-code is not challenging, users can build their app a lot faster than they can with traditional development approaches
Hassle-Free Mobile Business App Creation Using No-Code Platform
No more writing code, testing, and debugging. Build the world’s next-level apps without writing code. Take advantage of the modern zero-code digital tools to empower your internal resources, drive efficiency, and automation and get to market faster
Hassle-Free Mobile Business App Creation Using No-Code Platform
Visual-based Mobile Application Development Using Drag and Drop Intuitive Interface
Visual-based Mobile Application Development Using Drag and Drop Intuitive Interface
Easy-to-use interface for every individual to build apps. No more dependency on external third-party developers or IT for the application development process. Empower your staff, developers and non-developers alike to create stunning enterprise-grade mobile business apps that drive maximum ROI
Get Your Mobile Application to Market in Days
Build apps. Not code. Cut down the time required to code and turn down your app deployment from months to hours or days. Use visual-based, drag and drop interface to publish mobile business apps instantly
Get Your Mobile Application to Market in Days

Integration with Legacy Systems

Connect Everyone to Everything

Break down data silos by integrating cloud and on-premise applications, third-party software, legacy systems, data sources, and devices across your distributed environment with Axonator.
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Advantages of Using No-code Platform Over Traditional App Development

How fast can a user create a mobile app? Nocode-Apps can build in days with no-code platforms.Traditional Development-App development can take from months to a year.

How much resources do you need to create an app? Nocode- Even non-developers can create a business app easily, regardless of the platform selection.Traditional Development- Requires developers, testing, and deployment teams.

How much time is required to deploy an application?Nocode- Rapid app deployment with easy-to-use templates and user interface.Traditional Development- Requires coding from scratch with multiple revisions at testing.

What’s the ROI over the investment? Nocode- Easy interface, workflows, integrations, automation, and cloud-based updates drive maximum work resulting in costs saving and maximum ROI. Traditioaml Development - Requires coding from scratch with multiple revisions at testing.

How soon can one launch an application? Nocode- Applications can be published with the click of a button. Traditional Development- Requires extensive testing throughout different platforms.

What are the options for customizability and integrations? Nocode-Axonator no-code platform offers the ability to seamlessly integrate with any third-party applications and customize to suit your needs, with no coding. Traditional Development-Requires compatible coding for integration.

Axonator — A Globally Proven No-code Platform for Today & Tomorrow
Axonator allows you to develop and deploy apps without learning code, letting your business use technology it already knows
Automate Backend Behavior Using Automated Workflows
Build and customize your own complex workflows with a drag and drop interface. Customize pre-configured templates to rapidly increase production and add unique value to your organization
Automate Backend Behavior Using Automated Workflows
Real-time Data Update - Dashboard
Actionable Insights to Optimize Operations and increase ROI
Real-time digital reporting platform that enables businesses to send automatic digital reports to different stakeholders and save precious time on manual data entry and scheduling
One Shared Platform for All your Business Processes
One application for all business processes requiring automation. A set of pre-designed business process modules allows organizations to reduce their efforts and create applications for complex and repetitive tasks
Business Process Module
Enterprise-wide Solutions Developed Using Axonator No-Code Platform
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Work Order Management App
Create and implement an efficient workflow management system with the work order management application. Speed up work orders for activities such as preventative maintenance and emergency repairs. Work orders flow through task-scheduling and approval systems, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness, allowing you to set up work orders based on your needs
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Maintenance Management
Allows your staff to do maintenance and repair activities using customized mobile applications. The app puts managers at ease with a simple way to track tasks, identify equipment criticality, measure preventive maintenance compliance, and control corporate assets. Seamlessly manage all your facilities with a mobile-centric platform that is highly customizable and scalable to suit your specific needs
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Preventive Maintenance Software
Implement a robust preventive maintenance schedule, free up your workforce to carry out higher-value tasks rather than spending time on cleaning and repairing equipment. Complete tasks faster with higher quality outcomes, increasing customer satisfaction, ultimately increasing the frequency that they use your business for their building service requirements
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Field Service Management Software
Axonator field service management software has been developed keeping in mind the needs of businesses for managing their field staff. Mobile-First field service management offers highly flexible mobile app modules along with robust monitoring and tracking capabilities that can help you streamline your field operations to reach your goals
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Incident Management App
The Axonator Incident Management App enables you to respond quickly to critical incidents by using automatic notifications and improving team cooperation for an efficient response. Alert management, cooperation strengthening tools, and enhanced event reporting systems all contribute to a quick, prompt and successful response
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QR Code Checklist App For Fast Data Collection
By embedding a QR code on checklists, it makes it easier to see the content of the checklist and act on it. Just Scan QR codes, and open up the related checklist on your smart device. The application speeds up the completion of activities in a number of activities, including facility management, inventory control, and logistics, among others
What is No-code and what does it mean?
No-code development is a process of bringing applications to life without the need for any programming knowledge. In a nutshell, low-code allows developers to design applications with minimum hand-coding. As such, no-code brings huge amounts of difference in the reduction of time and IT expertise required to build, test and deploy apps on the market
Who can learn no-code?
Practically everyone. You can easily learn no-code with involved varying functionality and learning curves. Most of the time, the platform will have a drag and drop interface and pre-built templates to get started
How does no-code work?
As said, no-code platforms feature a drag and drop interface, these platforms usually work with visual elements. These visual editors let you smart design interfaces and workflows
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