Axonator Mobile Form Builder

Build Android and iOS mobile forms to automate data collection, surveys, audits, data management, work order management, inspections and store the data in Axonator cloud.

Axonator | Mobile Form Builder

Build Mobile Forms Using Drag and Drop

Easily create mobile forms with our zero-code platform using the drag and drop functionality. You can create customized forms suited to your requirement without a single line of code. Build mobile forms from scratch with advanced capabilities to transform the way you collect field data.

Build Skip Logic

Mobile forms use skip logic that is used to skip specified form sections based on the inputs received in particular form fields. For example, if a respondent indicates they don’t agree with the terms and conditions of your survey form, entire form is instantly skipped to the end of the survey. 

Enforce Data Validation

Data can be validated by using various functionalities. OTP can be used for verifying phone numbers. Entry of duplicate data can be eliminated by configuring workflows accordingly.

axonator otp data security

Auto-Save Drafts

No need to worry about loss of entered data. Data entered in forms is auto saved, even if partially filled.

Works Offline

Mobile forms work even when internet connectivity is not available. When offline, data is saved locally on the device and is synchronized with the server when connectivity is restored. This function can be customized to be executed automatically or manually as per your choice.

Cross Platform

Cross platform capability of the Axonator mobile form builder makes the apps to work on any platform, be it Android or iOS. No need to make different apps for different platforms, just build an app once and it works smoothly on any platform. 

Automatically Trigger Workflows on Form Submission

Workflows can be configured to automatically trigger follow-up tasks like assigning maintenance tasks as soon as an inspection form is filled. Alerts can be generated automatically and data is transmitted to any server for storage or system integrated to the app. As soon as a form is submitted, it is instantly emailed to specific people right on-site.

Axonator | Workflow Management Software

Send Data to Third Party Software

Powerful integration capabilities of Axonator mobile forms mean that systems are integrated seamlessly and quickly, and data can be securely moved from one system to another. You assume total control of your data and spend more time analyzing and using the collected data rather than spending time on technical or compatibility issues.

Generate Reports & Build Dashboards

Automatically generated field reports help you in identifying shortcomings and bottlenecks for improvements. Recognize specific patterns and opportunities for quickly making strategic business decisions. You also can make customizable dashboards to better visualize collected data and represent KPIs or other critical parameters in a better way to decision makers.

Advanced Features for Power Users

Axonator form builder has advanced capabilities for power users to create mobile forms suitable for specialized and intensive functions. 

Why Choose Axonator Mobile Form Builder over Competitors?

Axonator Mobile Form Builder is a part of Axonator MARS platform

Axonator is the world’s first zero code app builder platform engineered from scratch with special focus on mobile apps for moving staff. With Axonator, mobile apps are created using drag and drop, no coding required. Which means apps can be built within days and deployed in weeks instead of months like traditional development methods.


Axonator provides pre-built solutions for several industries and use cases. One of the biggest benefits of our solutions is the ability to quickly customize the apps to suit your business process. We believe that every business is different so they need specially tailored apps. We don’t believe in one size fits all. In our experience it doesn’t work well for most companies. 

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