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Create data collection mobile forms app using Axonator Mobile App Builder. It is as easy as creating a spreadsheet!

Online mobile app builder to create apps in minutes.
Axonator is most advanced mobile app builder

Introducing Axonator

Axonator is the world’s most advanced and the easiest mobile app builder which allows building mobile apps to automate your fieldwork.

It can be used in any industry that involves fieldwork. Your employees might be filling out paper forms and then going back to the office to manually enter data into the computer. In many cases, if not all it is usually a Microsoft Excel sheet or Google Spreadsheet.

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Faster Deployment

A good mobile app builder will allow you to create deploy mobile forms in minutes rather than weeks or even months which is typically the case even for a simple app.

This doesn’t include the time to test and make bug fixes. A mobile app builder will allow you to design app ones and deploy to all major mobile platforms like iOS and Android with a single click.

Faster deployment in a single click using mobile app builder
Mobile app builder with powerful features for your business.

Unique Features

Advanced mobile app builders like Axonator allows creating more complex apps that involve a relationship between data elements.

A basic mobile app builder, however, allows only building forms. Workflows and advanced features of mobile app builder like visual reporting makes it even more powerful in terms of directly affecting the bottom line of an organization by reducing the cost of development

Widgets that Allow Your Teams to Capture Rich Data:

Now collect rich data with Axonator. Just drag these widgets to your app on the virtual screen. Use these widgets in your mobile app to make data collection very easy and authentic.

Date, Time and Stopwatch widget

Capture photos of assets, machines, sites, equipment, people, etc. in your data collection.

Audio and video widget
Audio & Video

Capture audio testimonials instead of typing long feedbacks. Record videos of different processes with your app. Explain better!

Signature widget

Make your data more credible by adding the customer, & front-line executive signature.

GPS location widget

Capture live location of the user just with a tap.

Date, Time and Stopwatch widget

Just tap to capture the exact time when filling up the form.

Visibility ad calculations widgets
Barcode & QR code

Avoid typing everything - just scan the barcode & QR code to fetch the data of machines, products, equipment, installations, assets & more.

Widgets that Make Data Collection Faster & Easier:

Choice List

Add ‘Choice List’ from the mobile app builder to your app & just select choice while filling the form, instead of typing the whole response.

Advanced Logic

Use visibility property to make certain fields appear/disappear from your form based on choice selected. Make relevant fields appear in the form. Save time.

Parent & Child Records

Add this widget to add multiple records easily under the same field.

Sub Forms

Break up long forms into digestible chunks for easy navigation by adding Sub Forms.

Create an App with a Mobile App Builder. Help Your Field & Data Collection Teams to Work Faster & Better.

Properties to make data more authentic

Powerful Capabilities of Axonator Mobile App Builder

Data Migration
Data Migration

Migrate data to different platform effortlessly.

View data on the map

Integrate with 1000+ platforms like CRM, Salesforce, SAP, ERP, Zapier, Google Drives, and more.

Your data is safe at Axonator cloud
Data Security

Complete data security in the cloud powered by AWS cloud technology & other data safety measures.


Use the intuitive dashboard to analyze data & gain actionable insights.


Automatically report-generation on every record submission.

Collect data even when offline

Build workflows to automate & streamline your processes.

A Free Mobile App Builder for Your Digital Transformation & Automation!

Apps built using Axonator can help you eliminate the paper-based process & other repetitive, manual processes.

All your non-revenue-generating tasks can be easily automated - which means more focus on responsibilities that produce revenue.

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Digital transformation using a mobile app builder

“Axonator is a Fully Scalable, Secure & a Customizable Mobile App Builder.”

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