Develop enterprise-grade mobile apps lightning fast!

Axonator low-code platform makes it easy for organizations to develop mobile apps for complex business processes with minimal coding.

Axonator | Enterprise Grade Mobile Apps Development

What does the Axonator low-code platform look like?

If Aladdin’s lamp has a genie who could create customized solutions designed particularly for your business, then that blue guy would be called– ‘Axonator low-code’ platform.

Every business whether it is small or big needs custom software to fulfill its specific business requirements. The Axonator low-code platform does exactly this with its pre-built components including a form builder, workflow builder, report & dashboard builder, and integrator & connectors.

Axonator | Lowcode Mobile Platform

How do we develop enterprise-grade software using Axonator low-code platform?

Low-code is a software development approach that requires minimal coding to develop applications and processes. With an Axonator low-code suit that includes a form builder, workflow builder, report designer, and integrators and connectors, we are developing industry specific customized solutions that are fast and easy alternatives to traditional software development.
Both professional developers and citizen developers can use an Axonator low-code platform to create apps and workflows of varying complexity to meet growing business demands for development, automate processes, and boost digital transformation. With this platform, users can build powerful feature-loaded apps or a workflow that perfectly aligns with your strategy and introduces more productivity and efficiency to your business.

What can we do with the Axonator low-code platform?

Axonator low-code platform provides visual interfaces with drag-and-drop capabilities that allow users to develop micro-apps for workflows for different business tasks — from micro-apps that streamlines facility management to integrations with third-party solutions. 

What can we do with the Axonator low-code platform?

Axonator low-code platform provides visual interfaces with drag-and-drop capabilities that allow users to develop micro-apps for workflows for different business tasks- from micro-apps that streamlines facility management to integrations with third party solutions. Axonator can employed for numerous types of business applications such as –

Development of complex micro-apps

Axonator’s low code capabilities enable companies to develop complex mobile apps that need little coding. You can deploy apps using Axonator’s components, drag and drop simplicity, and fast deployment, and then roll out the continuous improvement as needed with little coding.

Axonator | Workflow Management Software
Axonator | Workflow Management Software

Workflows to streamline every business operations

With Axonator low-code platform, you can develop enterprise-grade micro-apps that automate workflows and build processes across several departments.

Automation for all business processes

Axonator low-code platform enables organizations to automate regular operations step-by-step with a micro-app strategy without CapitalEx. You can respond faster to issues with email alerts that you receive automatically.

Axonator | Business Process Automation
Axonator | Digital Transformation

Boost digital transformation journey

Axonator low-code platform empowers organizations to manage, optimize and track work across the across on one digital platform.

Real-time digital reporting

You can now fetch reports of your daily operations & watch decisions translate into actions. You can now deliver professional reports be it in PDF or format after the work is done for projecting a professional approach.

Axonator | Digital Reporting
Axonator | Data Collection App

Data collection from anytime, anywhere

The only low-code platform for you to create customized apps that collect field data, create reports, and generate insights to make better business decisions.

Why organizations love No-code?

See why IT companies across the globe are adopting low-code platforms to develop workflow-based mobile apps to increase productivity throughout your enterprise.

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Intuitive user interface

Axonator’s visual user interface with drag-and-drop features ensures that companies can develop workflow-based apps with ease!

Axonator | Tick Icon

Accelerated app development

Our Axonator no-code platform shortens the mobile app development cycle from months to days

Axonator | Tick Icon

Cloud-based interface

Axonator’s cloud-based infrastructure ensures the secure management of data, less maintenance, and updates.

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Integrations with third-party software​

Effortlessly extend app capabilities by integrating with numerous third-party software such as salesforce, google sheet, SAP, Zapier, etc.

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Improved security with cloud-infrastructure

Axonator’s cloud-based infrastructure ensures the security of all your critical data so you can build fast with confidence and absolute control.

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Superior scalability

Axonator low-code platform enables you to scale your apps as your company grows. You don’t need to develop new apps when the old version can’t support the company’s growth.


Still wondering how Axonator low-code platform can be used in your industry?

From facility management to manufacturing to healthcare to the energy sector, Axonator low-code can be employed to create a comprehensive range of industry-specific solutions. We have delivered numerous business process management software like inventory management software, asset management software, facility management software, quality management software, energy management software, data collection software using Axonator low-code platform.