Turn The GPS Tracking App Into Your Brand’s Best Differentiator

Axonator helps businesses by providing them location intelligence through the GPS tracking app. This enables companies to adopt effective mobilization, process automation and optimization technologies for their operations.

Enterprise Grade Solutions For Organizations

Axonator helps organizations of any size to leverage the GPS tracking app as a powerful regulatory tool with widespread applications for fleet management, sales teams and remote working

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Route Analytics

Applicable in fleet management, the app provides insights in route optimization. Easily identify great and poor performing routes for efficient operations

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Ability to execute pre-decided actions whenever a vehicle, field technician or any other entity enters or exits a demarcated digital boundary through geofencing.

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Instant Alerts

Generate instant alerts or push notifications regarding the system performance to be better connected with specific field operations for better monitoring.

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Superior Integration

The app can be integrated with any map service smoothly for providing better navigation and usability features. 

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Automated timesheet generation with start and stop buttons for accurate time tracking and ensuring data is only recorded when timer is enabled.

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Insightful Reports

GPS tracking along with enhanced graphical representation of critical parameters for and mapping capabilities for informed decisions.

GPS Tracking App For Collecting Rich Field Data

A dynamic tool that lets you create custom forms in your app that records not just location but also images, numbers, signatures with custom drop downs and other powerful features.

Cost-Effective and Targeted Facility Management Software

Customized Forms For Sector Specific Applications

  • Get a bird’s eye view regarding the real-time geographic location of your field personnel with valuable add-ons for employee tracking.
  • Streamline fleet management with detailed tracking of vehicle movement for authenticated information.
  • Enhance the management of your field sales team by tracking their locations and optimized route planning.

COVID- 19 hotspot locator

Especially meant for vehicle fleets providing essential services, get consolidated information about the COVID-19 hotspots and clusters for effective route planning leading to faster response.

Forms For Every Imaginable Application Facility Management Software

Configure Workflows In Sync With Desired Functionality

GPS tracking app can be configured as per the specific needs for which location intelligence plays a key role.

Cost-Effective and Targeted Facility Management Software

Customized Workflows For Sector Specific Applications

  • Generate instant alerts related to real time tracking of geographical location of field staff.
  • Facilitate fleet management with features like speed alerts, geofencing and beaming of live video feed.
  • The app is also utilized to know the exact location of assets for better utilization.

360 Degree View of Critical Parameters

Valuable information like ridership numbers and route analytics can be used for evaluating and improving service quality and balance bus loads. Fleet management is greatly enhanced by identifying the best routes for reducing delays for school buses. 

Forms For Every Imaginable Application Facility Management Software

Leverage Timely And Accurate Insights

Live GPS tracking app is a powerful tool in the hands of management for arriving at critical process related decisions backed up by comprehensive and lucid reports.

Cost-Effective and Targeted Facility Management Software

Better Monitoring of Field Personnel

  • Assign tasks to field staff based on location proximity for faster execution.
  • Easily view the status of service requests, work schedules and location history related to field staff.
  • Improve employee engagement by involving them with the creation of their daily beat plan with rich graphics and detailed maps.

Fleet Management Reinforced With Valuable Information

The GPS tracking app ensures optimal functioning by easy generation of reports on fleet utilization, fuel consumption, and route planning. Reduce idle time of vehicles, minimize vehicle breakdown and empty miles. 

Forms For Every Imaginable Application Facility Management Software
Cost-Effective and Targeted Facility Management Software

GPS Tracking App For Railways

  • Countries like India have an extensive rail network spanning vast distances and employing a large number of field employees for maintenance and safety of railways tracks.
  • The GPS tracking app proves to be a boon for field personnel involved in maintenance activities and ensuring safety of railways tracks by patrolling. They can effectively perform their critical role with better planning of their routes and location intelligence.

Gain A Strategic Perspective

Companies need to adopt a balanced approach while utilizing the tools at their disposal for enhancing performance and at the same time ensuring employee welfare. The Axonator App Ecosystem is contributing significantly in achieving this balance through its offerings like the GPS tracking app.

Diverse Applications of GPS Tracking

The possibilities are endless for GPS tracking as the world becomes more interconnected through the rapid evolution of 5G and ubiquitous presence of smartphones. 

HIV/AIDS Assessment Program


Ensuring transparency in government functions and better delivery of public services. 

Public Assistance Programs


Ambulance drivers can use the app for reaching the patients faster as every second counts.

Disability Population Survey


Optimized functioning of vehicle fleets for better fuel efficiency, productivity and customer service.

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