Features of Mobile Data Collection Builder to Automate Paper Process

Build digital forms using Drag & Drop. Automate your workflow to do more jobs in less time. Build PDF reports, share, notify, assign tasks just with clicks!

Create Digital Forms to Go Paperless

Create digital forms without coding. Don’t hire any developers or buy expensive software, no more huge expenses & time on an app. Do it Yourself. No paper, printing, photocopying & storage costs.

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Dashboard Analytics

Analyze the data, measure & track the performance of teams. Take corrective & preventive actions. Learn!

Eforms/Digital Forms

Platform for you to create mobile forms that can make your work easier. See productivity shoot up.

Workflow Automation

Build workflows to automate & standardize processes to improve quality. Utilize time in strategic decisions.

Easily Integrate Axonator with any System

Axonator allows integrating with your current systems. Do you have CRM, Salesforce, PeopleSoft, Zapier, Google Drive, SAP, etc. or any legacy system? Easily integrate to make work smoother, faster and efficient. Cut down the turnaround time for your processes. Create synergy by using Axonator with other systems to work effortlessly.


Send your form data directly

On-Premises Data
SQL Connector

MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, ...

Google sheets

Send your form data directly

Google Drive

Access your forms from anywhere

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Connect 450+ website with one click

Google Calendar

Arrange form data in better way


Arrange your data in Excel format


Connect 450+ website with one click


Access information from anywhere


Access information from anywhere

One Drive

Access information from anywhere


Access information from anywhere


Access information from anywhere

Any REST system

Access information from anywhere

Mobile Forms integration with Google Forms
Google Forms

Arrange form data in better way

Mobile Forms integration with PoepleSoft

Leverage the existing system with Axonator

Axonator Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Integrate Axonator with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Integrate with Slack

Better communication with team

Just One Click & Your App is Published

Drag & Drop to create a mobile app or a workflow. Hit publish and it becomes functional. Axonator is multi-device & multi-platform compatible. Regardless of what your teams use - Android or iOS, Tablets or Smartphones, Axonator will run just fine to help you work effortlessly.

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The Smooth Data Flow in Axonator

No data loss
No Data Loss

Autosave feature that creates drafts in case your battery crashes or you want to submit data later. Work offline, & auto-sync when online.

View data on map
View data on map

View data location-wise on map. Track & measure performance based on different locations. Open the map & start analyzing performance.

Import data or export data
Import/Export Data

Don’t manually feed data into app, just import the data. You can even export the data to other systems. No repetitive tasks. Be productive.

Your data is safe at Axonator cloud
Data Security with Axonator

Does data security worry you? Not anymore! Your data is secured with Axonator. Top-notch security measures are implemented for your data protection.

Security monitoring
Security Monitoring

Event & usage data are logged at all times seamlessly at different levels like network, application, and server. Your records are intact and never deleted.

What Do The Powerful Features of Mobile Data Collection Builder Mean to Your Business?

Your data collection is not just made easy - but also very efficient and compliant.No more worrying about heaps, piles, & stacks of paper. All your paperwork ends with mobile forms.Advanced features of mobile data collection builder ensure data security at all times.You can control data access by creating different users, and assigning them different roles. Organize, arrange, and present data the way you need. Learn from your data collected by using data functions.

Performance measurement & status-tracking can be done easily with intuitive analytical insights.Axonator gives you more power by allowing you to create reports & brand them with your company logo, name, and other attributes.Workflow automation can cut down instances of manual intervention. Bottlenecks in decision-making are terminated completely with process automation.Robust features of mobile data collection builder can accelerate business growth and enhance your customer satisfaction levels.

How data flows in Axonator

Bank of america
Bank of America

256-bit SSL industry standard protection for data at rest & data in transit.

Data Encryption
Data Encryption

Mark specific data for security protection & we will safeguard the data.

Role-based Authentication
Role-based Authentication

Authentication system based on roles offers authorized access to specific users.

24x7 monitoring
24x7 Monitoring

Security bots track system 24x7 to secure your data from malicious attacks & activities.

Internal security
Internal Security

Internal security is never compromised by teams who have access to infra, customer data, system, credentials, etc.

Review and information
Reviews & Information

Self-audits are conducted to make sure that the security is intact, and to fix the loopholes.

Convert paper forms into mobile forms

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