Features of Mobile Data Collection Builder to Automate Paper Process

Create digital forms without coding. Don’t hire any developers or buy expensive software, no more huge expenses & time on an app. Do it Yourself. No paper, printing, photocopying & storage costs

Dashboard Analytics
Analyze the data, measure & track the performance of teams. Take corrective & preventive actions. Learn!

E-forms/Digital Forms

Workflow Automation
Build workflows with Axonator workflow builder to automate & standardize processes to improve quality. Utilize time in strategic decisions

Integration with Legacy Systems

Connect Everyone to Everything

Break down data silos by integrating cloud and on-premise applications, third-party software, legacy systems, data sources, and devices across your distributed environment with Axonator.
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What Do The Powerful Features of Mobile Data Collection Builder Mean to Your Business?

Your data collection is not just made easy – but also very efficient and compliant.No more worrying about heaps, piles, & stacks of paper. All your paperwork ends with mobile forms.Advanced features of mobile data collection app ensure data security at all times.You can control data access by creating different users, and assigning them different roles. Organize, arrange, and present data the way you need. Learn from your data collected by using data functions

No Data Loss

Autosave feature that creates drafts in case your battery crashes or you want to submit data later. Work offline, & auto-sync when online

View Data on Map

View data location-wise on map. Track & measure performance based on different locations. Open the map & start analyzing performance

Import/Export Data

Don’t manually feed data into app, just import the data. You can even export the data to other systems. No repetitive tasks. Be productive

Data Encryption

Role-Based Access

Internal Security

Internal security is never compromised by teams who have access to infra, customer data, system, credentials, etc

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