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Best workflow software application

Work Order Management

Manage work orders for emergency repairs and preventive maintenance with simple work order management module. Create work orders that repeat on a calendar or runtime basis with the PM Scheduler. Or create work orders as needed for scheduled tasks.

Site Inspections & Visits

Automated all inspections, site surveys, audits using our facility management software. Now every single operation is on mobile app and field team using mobile application to conduct inspections, surveys.

Best workflow software application
Best workflow software application

QR code to checklist

User will simply scan the QR code and it will automatically open the checklist associated with it.

Take pictures on site and annotate the problems

While conducting inspections, and you find a problem you can take pictures, annotate the problem and can also put the notes on it. This will help you to notify your management team about the real problem with pictures and annotations.

Best workflow software application

Facility Management Insights Dashboard that lets you take the data driven decisions

In order to make any decision, you must have a field data visibility. Axonator is a data collection as well as the data management platform.

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    Performance dashboard with all sites/brances visual data

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    Export your field data

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    Data with branches, region, customers, sites

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Faster incident reporting with pictures

Improve safety and compliance by enabling reporting of both proactive and incident-based hazard or safety issues. Manage incident prioritization and notification across field team, management and compliance teams.

Best workflow software application
Best workflow software application

All your important data in one place

Powerful feature of form builder and workflows which makes it extremely easy to import your data no matter how big it is. Drill down dashboard exactly like your business model.

Axonator Mobile form builder

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Our team will demonstrate how to create an app and use the advanced features of Axonator.

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