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We were desperately looking for software that matches our field management requirements but none of the products in the industry matched them. Axonator is fully customizable so we got exactly what we wanted.

Gaurav Pathak

Managing Director, CLR Services Pvt Ltd

How Can Customized Facility Management Software Improve the Performance


Building management and facilities staff have much on their plate – every single day. From managing security access to fixing HVAC issues – there are too many inspections, requests, and tasks lined up which can be challenging to track physically.

Yet most big FMS companies continue to operate in an old-fashioned way, relying on phone calls, emails, hallway conversations, and even pen and paper! Unfortunately, for companies that wish to grow, depending on inefficient manual practices could be toxic to their progress as it leads to erroneous and low-quality reporting which is detrimental to the reputation of any facility management services company.

Fortunately, there’s technology to the rescue in the form of advanced facilities management software that can automate several repetitive processes – making them much more streamlined and cost-effective.

For example, you can integrate sensors on buildings that are connected to a mobile app to keep your team updated in real time. Thus, instead of relying on the security guard to call you or waiting for a routine inspection to discover an open door or window or a broken camera, you can receive instant updates on your mobile app so that you can take timely action.

Such an app can also make reporting easier by allowing your team to upload photos after cleaning up the mandated areas – so that they are instantly shared with the vendor for faster feedback and better collaboration.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

But how do you choose the right facility management software for your company?

Well, finding a facility management software that is tailored to your business is difficult. However, building a facility management app customized to your business is now possible with Axonator – the world’s first fully customizable facility management software.

Automate Your Facility Management Business with a Customizable Mobile App

“The Indian facilities management industry is estimated to grow 17% to cross $19 billion marks over the next five years, according to Global Infrastructure Facilities and Project Managers Association,” reported an article in Economic Times in 2018.

In short – there are astounding opportunities for your facilities management company in the future. The question is – are you prepared to handle that kind of growth.

However, you can make your business future-ready and more competent in the present by using a customizable solution to automate repetitive tasks that eat up the precious time of your employees and reduce the overall efficiency of your company.

Axonator has partnered with several facility management services companies, who have benefited immensely from the fully customizable framework to build facility management apps that suit their style of work!

Here’s how a mobile app can streamline and facilitate your facility management services:

Property Surveys

Facility managers are often out in the fields, surveying properties by collecting data on paper or bulky laptops. Of course, there is a risk of losing multiple sheets of paper and laptops are quite inconvenient to carry.

A mobile survey app can address both these issues effectively.

All you need is a smartphone to update data and remain connected with your team even while you are busy surveying a remote field. You can also use the Axonator facility management app offline to upload photos, record comments, and annotate information which can be synced online once you have data coverage.

Easy Site Inspections

There’s no need for your employees to be present at a site visually inspecting every nook and cranny when technology can do that for you! With your custom app, you can connect to smart buildings and set alerts for various features that must be inspected regularly.

With your mobile, you can perform site inspections from the comfort of your office as you receive real-time updates regarding the status of various equipment and maintenance work on comprehensive dashboards built to your taste.

Automate Your Processes

Build your app to improve efficiency across processes by automating work order generation, invoicing, and payment collection.

You can use your customized app for inventory tracking and procurement by setting thresholds for stock levels so that the app can automatically generate purchase orders once the stock levels are low.

Your app can also be used for work order management. Once you feed in relevant data, it can generate work orders instantly, issue cost estimates, and also help in resource allocation.

Customer Feedback Collection App

You can use your facility management app for centralized data collection and management. With this feature, you can collect real-time data and also receive instant alerts on any malfunctions or breakdowns leading to prompt action.

Another important aspect of data collection is customer feedback. Axonator gives you the option of building an easy to use client-facing app that not only facilitates better collaboration and reporting but also makes it easier to collect customer feedback which is essential to your company’s growth.

Automatic Email Reporting

As part of your facility management services, you need to generate several reports – for internal, as well as, client reporting purposes. However, preparing manual reports is quite cumbersome and time-consuming. Besides, manual reporting can often lead to errors. Some miscreants may also create false reports which can impact your company’s reputation negatively.

A facility management application can help you get over manual reporting by automating the entire process seamlessly. Thanks to centralized data collection and customized dashboards, your Axonator mobile app can generate accurate reports in your preferred format at your desired frequency.

You can customize the function by selecting the reports you wish to generate and start receiving automated emails in your inbox, instantly.

The benefits are –

  • Accurate report generation for better decision making
  • No scope of human error
  • No chance of fake reports
  • Easy to understand format with charts and graphs for better understanding
  • Online reporting that dispenses the need for lengthy paperwork and filing

As you can see, a customized facility management software solution is a boon for unsatisfied FMS companies who are grappling with ‘one-glove-fits-all’ facility management apps that can’t be adapted to their work culture or style.

Axonator adapts to your business so that you don’t have to change anything that you do!

We give you access to an intuitive app that you can build upon to design the specific features you need to carry out your business smoothly. In addition, Axonator gives you access to a robust data collection and data management tool – with customized for data visualization – that leads to effective decision making, a must for any company!

You also get the functionality to build fully customizable forms and workflows in a no- code environment to automate your processes, collect client feedback, and create stunning professional grade service reports for clients automatically.

Enjoy Easy Customization and Integration with Your Existing IT Infrastructure

Many small businesses fear automation as it incurs substantial costs to update their existing IT infrastructure for integration. However, Axonator is built to make things easier for your FMS company, which is why it is fully customizable and adaptable to your existing systems.

In short, you don’t need to upgrade your IT systems or spend on technical support to start using Axonator. The platform is fully compatible with commonly used facility management software and CMS software like Salesforce, ensuring seamless integration with your existing infrastructure. Such integration also ensures a smooth transfer of data as your mobile app can connect with your current CRM system and access all the data without any hassle.


Easy customization is another feature that makes the Axonator platform highly desirable for businesses. The various features in the app can be adapted to suit your business needs. For example, you can choose the frequency and format of various reports, you can customize the visual dashboards, create custom forms for feedback collection, and much more, to ensure your mobile app is perfect for your business!

Be Future-Ready: It is the Era of Mobile-First

While laptops provided your facility managers the freedom of movement, they still remain highly inconvenient to carry on tours and make notes or upload pictures in real- time. Especially with the increasing penetration of smartphones and tabs, carrying bulky laptops for surveys is not something your employees or clients would appreciate. On the other hand, a mobile app for surveying and reporting can make things much faster and convenient for everyone.

Whether your company prefers Android or Apple, or the employees are free to choose their mobile device for work, your Axonator facility management app is fully compatible with all mobile platforms and devices. Android, iOS, or Windows – you can use your Axonator app seamlessly across platforms and devices without any reduced functionality.

Also, your employees can download the app from the Play Store or the App Store and start using it directly, as the app is pre-loaded with all your company data through integration with your existing CMS software.

Your Partner in Success

At Axonator, we have worked hard to create a niche solution for FMS companies to optimize their workflow and ensure easy collaboration between all stakeholders for better outcomes.

Our facility management app is loaded with features that make your day-to-day business more manageable, and more effective, through automation of tedious, time-consuming, and repetitive tasks.

Here are some of the benefits of using Axonator for your facility management service company:

  • Centralized data collection and management
  • Hundreds of options for customizing dashboards for better data visualization
  • Drag and drop interface to build custom workflows for process automation
  • Ability to design custom e-forms for better data capture
  • Seamless integration with CRM, ERP, Drives, and many other platforms
  • Automated, error-free, professional-grade reports

But that’s not all! In addition to the above features, Axonator ensures the credibility of your company by eliminating fake reports from your system. Due to the automation, there is no scope of any false information or reports making their way into your system. In addition, we also endeavor to make information client and company-friendly by generating professional-grade reports in pdf format, embellished with highly visual charts and graphs, for better readability and understanding.

The best thing about our platform is that it is highly intuitive and straightforward to use. However, as we are continually working to improve our services, we regularly update your app, automatically, to ensure optimal performance with zero bugs. We also conduct regular maintenance checks on your app so that your work carries on smoothly and efficiently.

The Bottom-Line

As the FMS industry revenue continues to soar, so is the competition in the industry. Besides, client expectations are also evolving with technology advancements – meaning manual reports and simple emails will no longer make the mark. In fact, reporting is one of the major issues faced by FMS companies.

It is indeed quite challenging to sieve through and collate voluminous data in a presentable format and share it in an actionable form with clients. Fortunately, a powerful facilities management software and application like Axonator can automate the complete reporting process to ensure highly actionable, professional-looking, and error-free reports for your company. Besides enabling better decision making, companies can benefit immensely by sharing professional-grade reports with clients with clear pictures and GPS-locations to make a lasting impact.

At Axonator, we provide our clients with highly-intuitive and robust features to optimize their facility management services business in addition to giving them a customizable platform that can be adapted to their company instead of the other way around.

The reason is simple – every business is different and requires a unique solution – which is precisely what we offer you at Axonator.

If you are an FMS company looking to scale or unsatisfied with your existing facilities management software, get in touch with us to know how Axonator can transform your business for good. You can schedule a free demo here or give us a call on [insert number] to understand the solution better.

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