Convert Your Paper Checklists & Forms Into Mobile Apps
A zero-code, digital transformation platform for converting your paper forms, checklists, and spreadsheets into mobile apps to effectively conduct daily facility management activities
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An Easy-To-Use Digital Checklist App For Every FM Operation
Inspection Checklists & Forms
Work through digital checklists to perform inspections efficiently through a mobile app. Use highly customizable, easy-to-use forms for better data collection and inspections
Maintenance Checklists & Forms
Perform preventive and predictive maintenance activities with customizable checklists. Keep your assets up and running by recording maintenance history, current condition, location, usage, etc
Safety Checklists & Forms
Build a total safety culture from the ground up. Customize safety checklists to perform routine site inspections, identify hazards, reduce risks, and assess employees’ safety behavior
Audit Checklists & Forms
Ensure that audits are carried out correctly at the right time and in the right place. Comply with your processes, facilities, equipment with local and global standards
Say Goodbye to Paper Forms by Digitizing Your Team's Work
Save Time & Efforts With Custom Workflows
Build custom workflows that suit your business processes precisely. Assign everything from routine maintenance tasks to critical fire safety compliance to the right people for faster response
Axonator | Workflow Management Software
Janitorial Inspection Reports
Say “Yes” to Professional & Insightful Reports
Instantly generate professional and insightful reports at your fingertips for all activities. Add your company logo, table of content, etc., and send these reports to relevant stakeholders
Understand Your Data Like Never Before!
Store all your data securely in one place. Get visibility into best/worst performing projects, field data, team productivity, process bottlenecks and make better business decisions
6. Create Amazing Reports and Dashboards
QR Code Checklist App
Operate Faster On The Field With QR-Codes
Equip your non-technical teams with QR-based apps to perform field operations faster. Simply scan the QR code and the app will automatically open the correct checklist associated with that QR code

Integration with Legacy Systems

Connect Everyone to Everything

Break down data silos by integrating cloud and on-premise applications, third-party software, legacy systems, data sources, and devices across your distributed environment with Axonator.
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Enterprise-Grade Mobile Apps
Access 1000+ ready mobile apps through Axonator store for inspections, maintenance, audits, surveys, data collection, and many others. What’s more? You can customize it according to your needs which will fit your business needs precisely
Advanced Features to Keep Your Apps Up-to-Date At All Times
Take Picture, Annotate & Add Notes
Easily capture images while collecting data. You can even annotate the images to leave important notes for your teams to review and take action.
Pick Up Where You Left With AutoSave Drafts
Data is auto-saved as you type. Data entered in forms is auto-saved, even if partially filled, allowing you to pick up from where you left off.
No Connectivity, No Problems. Mobile Forms Work Offline Too
Collect data even in offline mode and the app will automatically sync when you get connected to the internet. Work efficiently even in remote areas.
QR-Code Support For Faster Data Collection
Barcode & QR code scanner feature to help your teams capture data in the blink of an eye. No more delays in data collection.
Keep Track of Everything with Geofencing
Mark and supervise a particular area and its activities. Automatically monitor employees’ activities such as entry, exit, and the time spent inside the area.
Stay Ahead of your Operations with Scheduler
Enables organizations to create workflows for scheduling tasks, granting approvals, setting up reminders for organized task scheduling and relevant stakeholders.
Consistently Rated Best-in-Class
Axonator no-code platform has been appreciated by some of the leading organizations across the globe for ease of use, functionality, value for money, and great user experience. There's a reason Axonator has better ratings than any other business process automation platform.
Be Ready To Achieve Field Operational Excellence
Axonator provides purpose-built enterprise solutions configured to each customer's specific needs. Contact us now to learn how Axonator can work for you.
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