What is a Digital Form?

A form on Axonator is a digital version of a paper form or a document.

All the fields or records that your paper form has, can be included in the Axonator digital form, which then, can be accessed by mobile or web to fill up.

In fact, you can design a digital form that can capture not just text input (like paper forms do), but also other data like image capture, audio/video capture, etc.

After creating an app, you can create one or more forms which your teams can use for data collection.

These forms can be used on mobile devices or desktop too.

When the form is filled, the data can be submitted, which gets stored in the cloud and that can be shared in real-time.

Creating forms on Axonator platform is very easy, all you have to is drop widgets by dragging and hit ‘save.’ Your forms are then functional and are ready for use.

Before moving on to designing or creating forms, let us look at different types of forms available.

We are always here to help you at every step