Using a Template

To set a template for your form, or make it functional as an email or document/report, you must add it in the workflow.

If you have not created a workflow, a default workflow will be created by Axonator that will generate a PDF report consisting of all the fields that your form has.

But if you have created a customized document/report template or an email template, then you must alter the properties in the workflow to make it functional.

If you click the Workflows section on the left panel of the screen, you will be able to see various widgets appear - Basic & Advanced.

In Basic widgets, there are two widgets: Generate Document & Send Email.

If you click Generate Document, you can see ‘Which Template’ property on the right panel.

You can choose the template that you want to make functional for that specific form.

For setting an email template, you can choose ‘Send Email’ widget. (from the left panel)

After adding ‘Send Email’ to the workflow. You can set the properties on the right panel that appears when you click ‘Send Email.’


Which Email Template:

You can choose the email template that you want to make functional.

Recipient Email Address:

Enter the email address where you want to send the email to.

Attach a document:

If you want to attach a document, click ‘Yes.’  Once you do that, you can choose the document.

Each document has a unique step ID, choose the document accordingly.

Note that you cannot attach a document to an email without creating a document in the first place. You have to create a document template for your emails to have an attachment.

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