a. What is an E-mail Template?

An E-mail template allows you to send the information through email.

You can choose fields from the form that you want your email to have, and add those to the template.

Further, write and add text to your email template. Fields that you include in the template will act as placeholders.

Once you have successfully created and saved an email template, a mail will be sent every time a record is submitted.

The mail will be sent to the assigned email address with this template in the email body.

When the form is filled, an email is automatically sent.

b. Adding Fields & Formatting

The fields that you want your email template to have can be chosen from the left panel.

You will see names of the forms that you have already created on the left side, you can just click ‘+’  icon beside the form name to open a specific form.

Once you click ‘+,’ fields related to that specific form will open. You can then click ‘add’ to include those fields in your email template.

c. Formatting

With each template, you can see editing options available on the top of the page with various icons like Style, Format, Font Type & Size, Text Color, Block Quote, Indent, Find, Preview, Alignment, List, Insert Link, Image, Emoji, Special Character, Radio Button, Paste, Spell Checker, etc.

You can even create blocks in the email template by clicking ‘Show Blocks’ icon. (besides question mark).

Add subject to your email, there’s a provision at the top of the page to add a subject.

d. Preview, Draft, & Save

You can find a preview icon in the first line (fourth from left) of icons on the menu bar of the template. If you hover the cursor, it will say ‘Preview.’

If you click the Preview option, you will be able to see how your email will look like after using that particular created template.

Draft Option helps you to create a draft of the template, it means you can resume making changes at a later point in time. All your current changes will be saved.

To make a template functional as an email template, you will have to save the template.

Note that the difference between draft and save is that you can use only saved templates for email. To make draft templates functional, you will have to turn those drafts into a saved template.

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