What is a Template?

A template is used to create a document. A template can be created using placeholders and fields with basic formatting.

Using a template, you can set a layout for your documents or email.

Once you create a template, your documents and reports will be automatically built using this template.

The placeholders in the template will fetch data from the forms that have been submitted and a report will be auto-generated without you having to make them manually every time.

The report created will be pre-formatted according to the template.

Reports can be created using templates for single or multiple records.

There are two kinds of templates:

  1. Document/Report Template - That which is used to design a document or report.
  2. Email Template - That which is used as an email body.

Note that if you don’t create a template, a default template will be created for a document which will fetch fields from the submitted form. But to have more customization, you have to create a template on your own.

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