Data Security & Compliance in Axonator Low-Code Platform

Our privacy, security, and compliance programs adhere to industry practices. We are committed to yearly validating Axonator against rigorous global security and privacy standards to provide all users with the highest levels of data protection

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Axonator protects your data infrastructure.
Secure Your Mobile Apps with Comprehensive Security
Axonator uses a multilayer security approach such as Infrastructure Security (Cloud), Application Security, Operations Security, Information Security, and Physical security to safeguard your data and privacy. Our services are hosted in Amazon Web Services Cloud infrastructure, thereby meeting AWS core security and compliance requirements, including data locality, protection, and confidentiality

256-Bit SSL Protection

Transform the way your organization handles sensitive information with Axonator. Our apps come with 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) enabled and can be used by multiple users in a secure environment

Data Encryption

Add an additional layer to your app security by encrypting all data in the Axonator cloud database, which is required if you’re collecting sensitive data


All our security protocols keep pace with emerging and established regional and local standards and regulations, maintaining extensive compliance certifications, accessibility, and third-party assessments

Data Isolation Via Clouds

Axonator distributes and maintains the cloud space for our customer’s compliance. Data is logically separated from other customers’ data using a set of secure protocols in the framework. This assures that no customer’s service data becomes accessible to other customers

PGP Email Encryption to Secure Files

Protection of crucial data sent through email with advanced PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption. A must-have security feature for organizations sending sensitive information through emails or reports

Continuous Security Monitoring

Axonator follows the WhiteSnow Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) process for security incident management. Complete network security management is practiced to monitor applications for any discrepancies or suspicious activities

Identity and Access control to Manage Data Securely
Identity and Access Management (IAM) security are vital to an organization’s overall security strategy. Axonator capabilities are designed to help manage digital identities, user access and ensure that people are who they say they are

Secure Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single sign-on (SSO) enables access to multiple services using the same sign-in page and authentication credentials. It simplifies the login process, ensures compliance, provides effective and secure access control and reporting, and decreases the risk of password fatigue, and hence weak passwords

Multi-Factor Authentication

An extra layer of security by demanding more verification that the user must possess, in addition to the password. It reduces the risk of authorized access if a user’s password is compromised. Different modes like Face ID, Push Notification, QR code, and Time-based OTP are supported

Role-based Access Control

Strong technical access controls and internal policies to prohibit employees from arbitrarily accessing user data. We firmly adhere to the principles of least privilege and role-based permissions to reduce the risk of data exposure

Vulnerability Management

We employ a dedicated vulnerability management process that actively scans for security threats using our in-house technology. Furthermore, our security team actively reviews possible threats and security incidents that might affect the company’s infrastructure and takes action against them by either patching the vulnerable systems or applying relevant security patches

Stay Worriless and Safe With Backup

We run incremental backups for the client’s data stored in the desired location which are encrypted using the AES-256 bit algorithm. All backed-up data are retained for a particular period of time. If a customer requests data recovery within the retention period, we will restore their data and provide secure access to it. The timeline for data restoration depends on the size of the data and the complexity involved

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

We have power backup and fire-prevention systems as physical measures to ensure business continuity. These measures help us achieve resilience. In addition to data redundancy, we have a business continuity plan for our major operations, such as support and infrastructure management

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