Your data is safe with the best mobile forms of data security measures.

Your data security is a top priority for us. Axonator protects your data 24x7 using 100% secure infrastructure.

most secure form builder with mobile form data security

We implement the same data security technology that Bank of America uses to protect their customer data.

Mobile form data security by AWS

Axonator is hosted on the same infrastructure used by Nasa and Federal Government of the USA for their secure data needs.

Bank Level Security

Industry standard 256-bit SSL protection for your data at rest and in transit

Data Encryption

Mark specific data for security protection and we will handle the rest

Role-based authentication

Role-based authentication system allows only authorized access based on your configuration

24x7 Monitoring

Our security bots monitor the system 24x7 for malicious activities and attacks to protect your data

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Top-Notch Mobile Forms Data Security Measures

Internal Security

Mobile forms data security is handled by maintaining the highest level of internal security. Teams who hold access to customer data, system, infrastructure, credentials, etc. are monitored rigorously.

Reviews & Information

To ensure that the best of the security is in place, we regularly conduct self-audits to check on any flaws and fix them accordingly.

Data Security & Encryption

Mobile forms data security is ensured by encryption protocols. All the data exchanged between Axonator app & AWS is encrypted using TLS. With AES-256 encryption, the data on the server is safe and secure.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-On (SSO) for mobile apps & web can be enabled for users. For SSO, a Google login too can be made.

Security Monitoring

Event & usage data are logged at all times continuously and at different levels like network, server and application. The records are never deleted.

Cloud Security

Cloud security is never compromised as services are hosted on AWS that is compliant with various international standards. AWS Virtual Private Clouds strengthens the security even further.

Solution Availability

Axonator’s cloud services are available at all times - your data is stored safely.These mobile forms data security measures make Axonator the most-trusted mobile solution.

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