Data Collection App

Automate your field data collection by easily converting paper forms into mobile and tablet forms and collect data using iPhone and Android.

Data Collection App

Build Mobile Data Collection App in Days

Axonator makes building mobile data collection apps a breeze. All you need to do is drag and drop widgets from the pallete to the virtual mobile screen and click publish the app. Your mobile data collection app is ready in days instead of months and within your budget. Take pictures, annotate them and send them to PDf and email them to anyone.

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Data Collection App

Automate Data Collection

If your employees frequently go out into the field and fill paper forms then Axonator can help your staff become more productive and at the same time reduce the cost. Going paperless with Axonator not only saves the extra efforts to transfer the data from the paper to a computer, but it also prevents the possible data entry errors due to manual process and possibility of misreading the information off the paper.

Axonator data collection apps run on any platform like iPad, iPhone, Android Smartphones as well as Android tablets.

Your data on the device is always protected from possible loss due to low battery when you are using Axonator. Use the built in auto-save functionality makes sure the data will never be lost.

Axonator works even in extreme conditions where internet connectivity is shaky or downright unavailable. You can continue data collection in the field and sync the data back to the server when Wifi or phone data connection is available again.

Collect Rich Data

Don't just collect simple text and numbers. You can collect rich data like images, location, audio, video and even scan bar codes.

Advanced Features

Apart from the data collection, Axonator allows you to act on your data. You can send the collected data to anyone in the form of a PDF attached to an email. You can automatically save the PDF to your google drive. For example: the data go into an invoice and this invoice can be emailed to your customer in the form of a PDF. You can customize the PDF layout and theme according to your business requirements.

You can implement approval step to your process using workflows. If someone submits the data using a mobile form, a designated person can review and approve or reject the data before it makes it into the customer's inbox in case of an invoice and to supervisor in case of a report.

Never Lose Data

Low Battery
Auto Saved Drafts
No Data Loss

Design Custom PDF Documents

Axonator PDF designer allows you to fully customize the design and layout of the PDFs that will be auto-generated when data is submitted using a mobile form.

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