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The complete & fully customizable mobile solution for Covid-19 containment using contact tracing and community monitoring protocols.

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Implement COVID-19 Contact Tracing Easily

Implement contact tracing app with configurable forms that connect with your existing process and systems.

  • Capture The Symptoms & Travel History

    Capture The Symptoms & Travel History

    Enter Symptoms Using Mobile App

    The series of questions addressing how one feels that day, current symptoms, other existing health conditions and travel history.

  • List out People You Met During Pandemic

    Capture Information to Enable Contract Tracing

    Enter Contact Information

    The system extends the contacts tree connecting every person with their contacts. This makes contact tracing easy if test is positive.

  • Automatically Assess Symptoms

    Automatically Assess Symptoms

    Set Assessment Rules to Detect Suspects

    Based on symptoms matrix the test would be suggested and sample collection will be done with public health officials and results will be communicated.

  • Trace Contacts If Test is Positive

    Trace Contacts If Test is Positive

    Take Faster Actions on Isolation

    As soon as a user is detected positive, all their contacts can automatically be contacted via SMS, email or a phone call for getting themselves tested, as one of the people they'd been in contact has been detected positive.

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Adapt Questionnaire to Local context, language and protocols

Build large forms with skip logics and patterns along with validation rules, form widget visibilities, use advanced widgets to build the complex survey forms.

Virtual Data Collection. No Risk of Being Exposed to The Virus

To avoid widespread community transmission of COVID-19 instead of meeting people, send them app link and they will access it to submit their symptomatic data.

COVID-19 Symptoms Data Collection
Track Patient's Common & Uncommon Symptoms

Track Patient's Common & Uncommon Symptoms

People can report their symptoms based on if they are feeling well or experiencing symptoms related to the novel coronavirus. They can also log other symptoms if any.

Trace The Exact GPS Location

Ability to capture geolocations of the COVID-19 patients and their contacts to track and analyze the regions-wide spread of the coronavirus cases and for tracking transmission between regions updated with real-time statistics from the reliable resource.

Travel & Contact History
Increase The Test Counts By Tracing Contacts

Increase The Test Counts By Tracing Contacts

As soon as a user is detected positive, all their contacts can automatically be contacted via SMS, email or a phone call to isolate themselves and get tested. This will help to collect symptoms and assess them faster.

Actionable Dashboards & Instant Reports

Access to analytical data with affected areas visuals and positive cases trends analysis based of various dependent factors. Receive reports automatically and export PDF, CSV, Excel reports.

Actionable Dashboards & Instant Reports

Data Privacy & Data Security

The privacy is particularly important when it comes to healthcare related data collection. Axonator platform follows the strict standards and protecting algorithms to keep complete survey data private and secure.

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We Solve The Problems of The Problem Solvers

We automate the entire process while still keeping it flexible as it will differ for each research project

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Axonator team built an end-to-end survey app for the department of civil, environmental & geomatic engineering for an ambitious program of health impact assessment (HIA).

Department of Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering, UCL

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Build COVID-19 Survey Using Axonator

Our attempt to contribute to the eradication of the Coronavirus pandemic which is affecting the entire world is here. We are giving this mobile app away for free to healthcare workers and volunteers around the world.

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