Coronavirus Self Declaration Mobile App

Capture COVID-19 self-declaration from staff members using HIPAA compliant mobile app, store all data in one place and automatically generate compliance reports.

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Implement Coronavirus Self Declaration Mobile App Easily

Our easy to use Coronavirus Self Declaration mobile application lets your employees fill up their Coronavirus self declaration forms quickly. PDF reports are generated automatically from the collected data and send to the relevant stakeholders without any manual intervention.

Capture Coronavirus Symptoms Information​

Capture Coronavirus Symptoms Information

Enter Symptoms Using Mobile App

The series of questions addressing how one feels that day, current symptoms, other existing health conditions, and travel history.

Capture Information to Enable Contract Tracing

Capture Travel & Contact History

Enter Contact Information

With this app, you can even trace the travel and contact history of your employees for enhanced monitoring.

Generate & Send The PDF Report Automatically​
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Generate & Send The PDF Report Automatically

Generate Reports Without Manual Work

Axonator automatically generate the reports and send it to the HR team, client, regional heads, etc. You can export reports into PDF, CSV, Excel formats.

Optimized for Tablets and Smartphones​

Optimized for Tablets and Smartphones

Coronavirus Self Declaration Mobile App is specially optimized for working seamlessly with tablets and smartphones. Since the app is compatible with multiple device types, your app gets enhanced reach and adoption.

Send Instant PDF Reports to the Stakeholders

Reports in PDF format are generated automatically from the submitted declarations in real-time. These reports can be sent to the HR team, field managers or your customers without any manual intervention, directly from the app.

Send Instant PDF Reports to the Stakeholders​
Capture Signature & GPS Location​

Capture Signature & GPS Location

Capture the signature and GPS location of your employees filling up the self-declaration form using this app. You can opt for advanced features that can transform your app in a powerful tool to collect authenticated data.

Available in Local Languages ​

Available in Local Languages

Coronavirus Self Declaration Mobile App is available in the local languages and this increases the reach and utility of your app. Reach out to a maximum number of people by communicating with them in their language.

Collect Data Even if You Are Offline

You don’t need to worry about internet connectivity for using this app. It can work effectively even offline and the collected data can be transmitted and synchronized with servers as and when connectivity is available.

Collect Data Even if You Are Offline​
Data privacy & data security ​ flow

Securely Store Employees' Sensitive Medical Information

The privacy is particularly important when it comes to medical/clinical data collection. Axonator platform follows the strict standards and protecting algorithms to keep complete survey data private and secure.

Store All Declarations in One Location

Coronavirus Self Declarations are stored in a highly secure cloud. You can organize all of your collected data effortlessly and access it anytime. You can export it in PDF, Excel and CSV formats and import it in different software as per your needs.

Store All Declarations in One Location​

We Solve The Problems of The Problem Solvers

We automate the entire process while still keeping it flexible as it will differ for each research project

building of axonators client UCL
UCL institute of education

Axonator team built an end-to-end survey app for the department of civil, environmental & geomatic engineering for an ambitious program of health impact assessment (HIA).

Department of Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering, UCL

Optimized for Tablets and Smartphones​

Start Using Instantly!

Coronavirus self declaration mobile app is available off the shelf, ready to be deployed instantly. It’s as good as plug and play