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Why You May No Longer Need a Salesforce App!

1 year ago by Timothy Cox

Salesforce may be the best buy in the CRM market, but the excitement may just fizzle out with Salesforce mobile app due to hidden costs and other minuses. Businesses figured out an alternative app that fits just well with desktop application - and it's working way beyond perfection!

Salesforce may not be perfect after all

Salesforce CRM is one of the best customer relationship management (CRM) platforms available, hands down. Around 150,000 businesses are said to be using the platform to drive sales better.

Endless stats can be enlisted here to claim Salesforce is probably the best CRM out there, but if you want to picture how big they are, just Google 'Salesforce Towers.' That’s their office. A 1070-foot skyscraper it is!

Replace salesforce tower picture

You get an idea it’s powerful, and to be honest, Salesforce is best known for the desktop application. But when you start using the mobile application, that’s when things start going south.

If your field reps use Salesforce app, they already know the pain areas. The problem doesn’t limit itself to sales reps but goes even further because of ever-increasing hidden costs.

But since it’s a great CRM, businesses are forced to use a mobile application version as well. But not anymore!

Axonator mobile app easily fits your lead-capture needs, and it integrates just fine with Salesforce desktop application.

This blog will uncover the tops reasons why businesses prefer to use Axonator app along with Salesforce desktop application.

Too many features

Salesforce overloaded features picture

One of the major problems is that Salesforce app is overloaded with features that you will hardly make use of.

One of the businesses who use Salesforce claimed that they use only 15% of the total features. Can you believe that? 85% of the features remain underutilized.

There’s a clear difference between a platform with powerful features and a platform with useful features. You might not require all those robust features, but then you are led into believing so.

Obviously, there are features of Salesforce app that come handy, but if need more, you need to shell out more money. This brings me to the biggest Salesforce problem - hidden costs.

Never-ending hidden costs

Salesforce hidden costs

If you’re a Salesforce user, there are good chances that your hands are burnt with this problem already.

What’s frustrating for users is the fact that there are good features that you can’t lay hands on unless you spend more dollar bills.

But apps like Axonator start with a free trial - and there’s just one paid model which gives you access to all features - basic & advanced both.

If you were to unleash automation through Salesforce lightning app, you have to spend a whopping $300 per user per month.

Whereas, for automation on Axonator app, all you spend is $10 per user per month.

Mind you, the billing for Salesforce is annual.

The pricing will change if you choose to add more users to the existing plans or scale. But with Axonator, this isn’t the case.

Easy to figure out the cheaper one, right?

Integration capability is not that easy

Salesforce Intergration capability

Tying the Salesforce app with different platforms turns out to be another expensive affair. Not just upgrading the feature, but also getting a technical person to set that up for you will cost you money.

Integrating different platforms with Axonator mobile app is simple, requires just a few clicks. Plus, you can tie your app with 1000+ different platforms like Salesforce, Peoplesoft, Zapier, Google Drive, CRM, ERP, and any other legacy systems.

All this with no extra bucks, external expertise or consultant.

Customization is demanding & costly

Salesforce Customization without external developer

The same problem of Salesforce continues to customization as well. You can’t really customize without an external consultant/Salesforce developer.

What businesses need is self-customization ability. Axonator offers this. Let’s say that you want to create a lead-gen form for sales reps, all you have to do is drag and drop to create a new form or customize it.

Not just forms, customizing workflows is also easy - just drag & drop the sequences and publish it. It’s a user-friendly UI.

Flawed-UI, features & long training time

Salesforce Flawed UI

Talking of UI, Salesforce mobile app is a mess, mainly due to too many features. There are many features that are complicated to be used without any training.

You need to invest a good deal of time on training your sales reps, without which, they might not figure out the functionality, & get drowned in the pool of unwanted features.

Axonator app doesn’t demand any training - right from onboarding, the tool is kept too simple to require any kind of training.

Your sales reps can just hit the road as soon as they download the app that you have created on Axonator.

Responsive UI is something that hooks the field reps and drives high engagement rate for businesses using Axonator.

Advanced logic & automation

Salesforce Logic and automation

Salesforce’s problem with the layout is not unknown. Plus, not all field properties are readily available to users.

Meanwhile, Axonator provides advanced properties that users use - skip logic, validations, required, OTP, Unique, parent & child records, and more.

Businesses leverage these properties to build some intelligent lead-capture forms, which also ensures that manual errors are avoided.

I call these intelligent forms for a reason - specific responses can trigger action. Let’s assume that your field agent is at the customer’s premise to inspect one of your machines.

He’s filling the mobile form while conducting the routine inspection. It might so happen that customer demands a replacement of the machine because of a recurring snag.

In that case, he selects ‘new replacement’ in the form and then hits submit. This will automatically create a new order, which will be sent for approval to the manager.

The manager reviews the request and approves/rejects the same on his mobile. When approved, the order request will be automatically sent further.

The delivery date of a new machine is created - the customer too, is notified with the information. All this can happen in a few hours or less than that.

This is how automation is achieved - just through mobile forms. It’s not just reducing your efforts, it’s also improving the response time to drive customer experience.

If you are looking at the same kind of automation with the Salesforce app, be prepared to write a fat cheque.

$3600 per user each year. Multiply that into no. of users and you have a number that’s fairly unreasonable.

Axonator $10 a month per user. Cool.

Just two versions, but many challenges

Axonator Salesforce app challenge

If you are using a classic version of the Salesforce app, then migrating to lightning version is tad challenge - adapting to a new version requires time.

This is why classic users may not like the idea of changing to a lightning version, but they may just be compelled to adopt lightning app in the future since there are speculations that the classic version might be closed down.

One of the most problematic areas of the classic version is the text & graphics resolution.

This situation of switching between versions of Salesforce just seems like choosing between the devil and the deep sea. Although, for new users, the classic version isn’t available anymore.

With Axonator, there’s just one version. You don’t have to change to newer environments - even if you customize the app, forms or even workflows, there will be no change at the front-end or UI-level.

You wouldn’t notice any difference in neither look and feel (with respect to layout, text, font, colors), nor the functionality of the features.

The lousy customer support

Salesforce Expensive analytics

You cannot mention great customer support & Salesforce in the same breath. You can check the reviews and some of them are really hounding.

If you intend to invest time and money on Salesforce, you deserve to get a terrific customer support response, but that doesn't happen.

Axonator customers are fortunate when it comes to customer support because there’s a guarantee of response in as less than 4 hours and resolution in as less than as 24 hours.

Expensive analytics

Salesforce bad customer support

Salesforce dashboard is awesome, but again it demands dollars. The dashboard provides access to reports and you gain insights with visualization.  

Axonator too offers an intuitive dashboard, where you analyze the data with different views (charts, diagrams, list view, map view, and more).

Businesses using Axonator involve in decision-making based on numbers derived from the data collected. Corrective & preventive actions are made easy with the availability of actionable insights.


To sum up, Salesforce desktop application is by far, the most powerful CRM in the market. But, the mobile app from Salesforce has downsides.

One of the biggest drawbacks is the costs. If you need a mobile application that sends data to Salesforce desktop app, then you might as well use a different app.

Tried & tested by enterprises, Axonator emerges as one of the best choices for your sales reps, field agents, or other field executives.

It easily sends the leads collected to the desktop application and even can unleash automation.

All this at affordable costs - it’s dirt-cheap.

Some features of Axonator app:

  1. Collect rich data - image/audio/video
  2. Offline data collection
  3. Advanced logic - validations, OTP, Unique
  4. Faster data capture - QR & barcode scan
  5. Data authenticity - live location & time/date capture
  6. Subforms
  7. Child & parent property
  8. Integration
  9. Advanced analytics
  10. Automatic report-generation
  11. Automation
  12. Cloud-based storage powered by AWS
  13. Top-notch data security protocols

You can create your own apps using drag & drop - no coding needed.

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