Maintain Immaculate Employee Records with Axonator Attendance App

Specifically created to facilitate the HR department, our attendance app helps in executing critical processes like employee time tracking and attendance management.

Multi-Functional Mobile Attendance App

The mobile attendance app is equipped with features that make the job of HR easier by optimizing the marking of daily attendance and leave management.

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Supports Multiple Devices

Employees can use their own smartphone or tablet for marking their attendance. The app supports both android and iOS platforms.

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Facial Recognition Technology

Our attendance app employs facial recognition technology to verify employee credentials and eliminates fake or buddy clocking.

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GPS Functionality for Authenticated Results

Use GPS to ensure that field employees are present at the intended location for enhanced authentication of attendance data.

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Easy Integration With Other Platforms

Attendance data collected is synched real-time to our cloud-based software or to any of your existing data management platforms.

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Effortless Leave Management

Equipped with intuitive features like leave management, maintain leave records of employees and keep track of number of leaves taken with literally no effort.

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Reporting Process Simplified

No need to check attendance registers and work on creating reports manually. Automatically generate attendance reports in the format of your choice like CSV or Excel, among others

Collect Accurate and Authenticated Employee Attendance Data

Axonator attendance app has features like geofencing that lets employees check in or check out from predefined locations. You can set the acceptable GPS radius that spreads-out the area from which employees can register their attendance and also ensures accurate location sign-in, applicable for field-level employees.

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No Need For Cumbersome Time Clocks or Paper Attendance

  • Eliminate complicated procedures associated with maintaining employee time-clocks for marking attendance.
  • Such time clocks can be manipulated that can lead to under or over reporting of employee work hours.
  • Forget the use of physical attendance registers and use Axonator’s attendance app to maintain over-time records, leave records, amount of hours worked and much more.

Simplify HR Processes For Greater Productivity

HR managers can use the app to get real-time updates as soon as employees check-in or check-out. Technologies like facial recognition and GPS ensure that employees register the correct attendance data, greatly reducing the scope of error and ruling out gaming of the system for fake attendance.

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Automate Critical Functions Like Over-Time Calculation

Customized mobile app solution for automating critical processes like maintenance of attendance records. Manage processes like leave management and calculating the overtime hours of employees for better, faster and accurate calculation of payrolls

Cost-Effective and Targeted Facility Management Software

Generate Notifications To Allocate Tasks

  • Workflows can be configured to automatically allocate tasks once a specific input has been received through the attendance app.
  • For instance, if an employee requests for a leave through the app, the concerned approving authority like the HR or the reporting manager will be notified immediately.
  • The concerned manager can instantaneously grant approval or reject the leave request.

Convenient Data Storage Options

The collected attendance data can be routed to relevant stakeholders in PDF format and is stored in a secure cloud. The stored data can be easily accessed anytime, anywhere and is compatible to integrate with any data management system.

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Generate Payroll In No Time

Axonator attendance app helps in maintaining accurate and easily accessible reports detailing total work hours for each employee, break hours, over-time hours and number of leaves taken for the corresponding payroll period. All this information can be used to easily generate payrolls and also helps in complying with the related federal and state labor regulations.

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All Your Reporting Needs Addressed Effectively

  • Different types of reports detailing leave requests, illness reports, PTO requests are generated automatically.
  • Considerably reduce the workload of the HR department so that it can concentrate on executing strategic functions rather than spending time on routine activities.
  • Customize the generated reports in the format you want.

Streamlined Documentation For Better Functioning

Axonator attendance app eliminates the need of creating manual reports and attendance registers that consume a great amount of time and resources. Get all the sector reports you need in an instant, and structured as per specific requirements.

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Cost-Effective and Targeted Facility Management Software

Attendance App With Diverse Applications

  • Our attendance app can be used not only for recording attendance for office and field employees, but also for law enforcement and judicial compliances like recording attendance in DUI classes and community service tasks as specified.
  • It can also be used for recording attendance in schools, universities and specific events like training workshops and skill development courses for employees.

Axonator Attendance App For A Seamless Experience​

Enterprise-level digital solutions that transform the way you operate to achieve better efficiency and improved bottom line.

A Flexible App Platform Catering To Sector-Specific Requirements

Axonator attendance app can be customized as per your specific needs to ensure that you get the full benefit of your investment in using our micro apps.

HIV/AIDS Assessment Program

Maintain Accuracy

Collect accurate attendance data for faster payroll processing and leave management.

Public Assistance Programs

Better Documentation

Leverage the Axonator advantage for generating desired reports easily and within no time.

Disability Population Survey

Stay Compliant

Stay compliant with the labor laws and pay employees their due based on error-free work hour calculations.

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