Touch Free Face
Recognition Attendance App

Deploy a touch free employee attendance app based on facial recognition technology. The Axonator employee attendance app is also equipped with voice detection feature that makes the entire system of marking attendance touch-free.

Touch-Free Attendance App For Safe Workplace

The Axonator mobile attendance app enables your company to ensure workplace health and safety in view of the on-going pandemic by making the entire process of recording employee attendance touchless. No need to press any button or maintain physical attendance registers for marking attendance. 

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Facial Recognition Technology

Our attendance app employs facial recognition technology to verify employee credentials and eliminates fake or buddy clocking.

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Use GPS to ensure that field employees are present at the intended location for enhanced authentication of attendance data.

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Reporting Process Simplified

No need to check attendance registers and work on creating reports manually. Automatically generate attendance reports in the format of your choice like CSV or Excel, among others.

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Seamless Integration

Attendance data collected can be transferred to your existing data management system easily and our app can integrate with various third party HR apps.

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Effortless Leave Management

Equipped with intuitive features like leave management, maintain leave records of employees and keep track of number of leaves taken with literally no effort.

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Supports Multiple Devices​

Employees can use their own smartphone or tablet for marking their attendance. The app supports both android and iOS platforms.

Collect Accurate and Authentic Employee Attendance Data

Axonator attendance app has features like geofencing that lets employees check in or check out from predefined locations. You can set the acceptable GPS radius that spreads-out the area from which employees can register their attendance and also ensures accurate location sign-in, applicable for field-level employees.

Touch-Free Attendance App Enabled With Voice Detection

Touch-Free Attendance App Enabled With Voice Detection ​
Ability To Track Field Employees Real Time Location via Axonator's Attendance App

Ability To Track Field Employees

The Axonator employee attendance app gives location intelligence to track field employees. You can now track the geographical location of your field employees, and also use route-tracking ability to know about their work history.  

Simplify Leave Management & Over-Time Calculations

Employees can request for leaves using the attendance app. You can approve or reject leave requests through the app as soon as leave request notification is received. Overtime calculations are also made easy enabling faster calculation of payrolls.

Generate Reports Automatically

Attendance App Generate Reports Automatically ​

Easy Integration With HR Platforms

The Axonator employee attendance app can easily integrate with any third party system or platform. This enables the HR department to connect the attendance app with your already existing HR management systems like Keka, Freshteam, Qandle, etc. 

Axonator Attendance App For Diverse Industries

Axonator attendance app can be customized as per the needs of the specific industry or sector for better results.

Manufacturing Companies

Different manufacturing companies are using our touch free attendance app through which attendance marking is accurate and fast. Touch free operation of our app also ensures workplace health and safety.

Facility Management Companies

Facility Management companies are deploying our attendance app on-site for better tracking and monitoring of the field employees by using our location intelligence features.

axonator's attendance app is used in education sector and schools


As schools are about to open while the pandemic is still active, our products like contactless attendance app and coronavirus self-declaration app are being used for curbing the virus spread and ensuring health and safety of students and teaching staff.

It’s Time to Upgrade & Automate Your Manual Systems

Replace the thumb-based biometric attendance with a safe touch-free entry for your employees & visitors. Bundled with analytics, automated compliances, Covid-19 Self Decalration features.

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