Manage your assets anywhere, anytime with Axonator asset management App!

Axonator asset management app is a cloud-based platform that helps companies in monitoring and tracking their valuable assets in order to improve assets’ lifecycles and reduce maintenance costs


Manage and track your thousands of assets with ease!

Your business is unique, and so are your assets. Axonator asset management app can track all your assets and is highly customizable to suit your specific needs. The app is designed particularly to optimize the utilization and quality of your assets throughout the lifecycle, improve productive uptime through predictive and preventive maintenance, accelerate efficiency, and decrease operating costs. The extremely simple user interface makes Axonator asset management app the preferred choice for progressive organizations that strive to assetize their equipment rather than just own those assets. With Axoantor you can:

Asset tracking made easy

The Axonator asset management app empowers organizations to track and manage all valuable assets through mobile phones. You can effortlessly track assets based on various parameters such as current conditions, maintenance details, asset location, historical purchase date, current usage, and much more.

Scan assets anywhere, anytime

Axonator asset management app enables organizations to equip valuable equipment with asset tags. Users can access complete information about each asset by scanning QR codes or barcodes. You can also print and design QR codes and barcodes and scan them with your smartphone.

Axonator | QR code scanner app
Axonator | Field Tracking Mobile App

Know your asset locations

Axonator asset management app provides companies with a real-time overview of assets’ location. Keep complete track of all assets being transferred or moved with ease with the GPS tracking feature. See the different locations of any valuable assets for improved navigation.

No more asset breakdowns

Axonator asset management app and systems can assist companies in improving asset reliability with condition-based maintenance based on asset health insights from operational data and analytics. Execute preventive as well as corrective maintenance for assets to maintain them in prime condition. You can record the complete maintenance details of every asset by just scanning the QR code or barcode associated with it.

Asset Management Software for Asset Maintenance​

Run the world’s easiest asset management application

Spend too much time in managing assets? Axonator asset management app can make your work a lot easier. Make your employees productive, get a complete report on equipment from anywhere at any time. What’s more? Axonator can be customized for every specific business requirement.

Axonator | Asset Management Software

No more prolonged downtime

Axonator asset management app helps companies to optimize asset management and maintenance processes to enhance operational performance. The app enables companies to record detailed information about valuable assets such as timestamps or service requests associated with that particular asset, thereby reducing equipment downtime and costs.

Asset Management Software Map View For Asset Location​

Track asset lifecycle for better management

Axonator asset management app enables companies to use best-in-class data models and workflows to streamline the asset management landscape. This in turn helps companies boost returns on assets and track asset lifecycle for better management. Companies can also use this information to reduce the number of missing assets and asset thefts.

Axonator | Dashboard Management Software

A centralized dashboard for all your needs

Axonator asset management app creates secure centralized information with greater visibility into asset life cycles, asset maintenance, location, downtimes, and optimizing inventory management in real-time. Observe detailed asset information in just one click.

Axonator | Offline App

Break the connectivity barrier

Offline access is a pleasure for all regular commuters who use the asset management app in areas that face connectivity issues. Teams can now submit all asset-related data without worrying about internet connectivity. Staff members can submit all data offline and then it automatically gets integrated within the system once it connects to the internet. The app is compatible with all operating systems including Android, IoS, Windows, and Mac.

How can the Axonator Asset Management system help your business?

Every organization relies on hundreds of assets to stay operational. Keeping a complete track of these assets is of paramount importance in order to save money & time and improve productivity and that’s where Axonator asset management application comes into the picture.


What our client says?

“From the past few years, we have been working in the manufacturing sector. After losing a significant amount of money due to improper asset management, we decided to use an asset management system to get precise equipment updates. The app provided us with timely updates on predictive maintenance of our valuable equipment. Since then we have been saving significant amount time and money as this approach prevented breakdown of our most valuable assets”

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Learn Axonator Mobile form builder

Learn How Axonator Can Help You to Create an App

Our team will demonstrate how to create an app and use advanced features of Axonator.

Learn Axonator Mobile form builder

Learn How Axonator Can Help You to Create an App

Our team will demonstrate how to create an app and use advanced features of Axonator.