What Does a Pair of Shoes Have To Do With Axonator's Success?

We failed miserably. We had always wanted to be a "you" company - a company that is focused not on our ability to build great products or on our great software development processes but on you - the customer. How can a customer focused company fail at innovation? Our failure was a mystery until we figured out one thing that changed everything, forever.

What's that? Your shoes. We "literally" stepped into your shoes! This moment of realization resulted into real innovation ever after. In order to feel the pain of our customers we decided to take on a real-world data collection project. It was a real project because it was something our society needed. For us it was a pain point discovery mechanism. Some of our best innovations followed after that. As an example, the solution to optical zoom problem using smartphones was the first problem that we solved where we came up with an innovative way to solve a painful problem.

Since then, at Axonator we have nurtured the innovation culture by actually becoming our own customers - by stepping into "your" shoes!

- Axonator Team